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Hello All,

There are many ways to market your brand. Depending on what the product or service is, it will highly determine which platform to use. If you are promoting a blog or a website differs widely from promoting  ecommerce or social media.

Email Marketing

Email marketing may seem outdated, but email marketing has about a 3% return rate for current clients. This might seem like a small number, but automated email newsletters or reminders take a small amount of time and depending on how large your customer base currently is the emails can serve as a reminder to buy the product or to visit the website. Mailchimp works great for automated reminders and also has many templates.


This may seem as a surprise, but Groupon is a great way to promote services to a completely new audience. All kinds of services can be sold on Groupon from horse riding lessons to massages. This kind of exposure is great not only local businesses, but also online services like photography lessons and web cooking lessons. Groupon not only gets you new clients, but also exposes your website to a new audience.


LinkedIn may seem just like an online resume, but in reality it has a great marketing platform that opens the door to a new audience. There are many ways that you promote on LinkedIn. Creating a page for your company and posting article and updates can boost your social media presence. Another way to utilize LinkedIn features is by posting job openings on LinkedIn. Not only will you get a resume, but also their online portfolio. 

These are all unexpected ways to market your online presence or your business. 

Thank You,

The Team at Hemlock Digital